Delta Variant

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It is common for viruses, like Sars-CoV-2- the virus that

causes COVID-19, to go through mutations to create

different strains or "variants" of the virus. Sometimes,

the genetic mutations that occur cause the virus to

become stronger, and that is what has happened to

some variants of COVID-19.

The Delta variant, first discovered in India in December

2020, is a mutated strain of COVID-19 that Is 40-60%

more transmissible, meaning it Is more contagious. It

may also mean that it Is more likely to cause more

serious infection. The first confirmed infection of

CQVID-19 by the Delta variant occurred In March 2021,

and now more than 25% of new COVID-19 cases in the

USA are from the Delta variant. Experts at CDC, WHO,

and NIH all predict that the Delta variant could easily

become the dominant strain in the United States - it is

already the dominant strain in five states, including

California, Utah, and Arizona. The variant can certainly

accelerate the pandemic, especially among those who

have decided to stay unvaccinated, and unprotected,

against COVID-19.

We know that being fully vaccinated provides good

protection against the COVID-19 variants, but if you only

received one-shot of a 2-shot series, or completely

unvaccinated, you are at great risk to becoming severely

Ill or worse from these variants.

If you go outside, and know that it is going to be

sunny - you put on sunscreen. If you are in a crowded

place, potentially with unvaccinated folks - you wear a

mask. If you are unvaccinated, and eligible for a vaccine

- you get vaccinated

Things You Should Know About the Delta Variant